What I Brought in my Luggage

The Congregation Etz Chaim Synagogue hosted the “Salaam Shalom Music Project” performance.
Participants had the opportunity to view the “What I Brought in my Luggage” display of items
brought to the U.S. by refugees fleeing the governmental witch hunt after Turkey’s recently
attempted coup d’état.
After Turkey’s coup on July 15, 2016, thousands of constituents including teachers, academicians,
housewives, judges, and prosecutors were unjustly arrested or imprisoned. many who did not
predict a possibility of staying alive were forced to leave behind their loved ones and make up a
separate part of this crisis. Some examples of the few items that some of these people had to pack
into their last-minute luggages were photographed. Among the photos there ranges items from a
woman’s engagement ring to her husband, who she had to leave behind in another country, to the
diary of a daughter who had to flee the border with a latex boat. The displayed items emotionally
touched the spectators. While some viewers took photos of the displayed items and their stories,
others discussed with the display organizers and expressed their sorrow. The night ended with the
“Saalam Shalom Music Project” performance. The group will take the stage at the Jewish
Reconstructionist Congregation on November 18.

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