Community Services

Community Service Department at Huddled Masses offers comprehensive support services for those who have recently refuged to the United States due to oppression and or excruciating life and political circumstances in their home country. We strive continuously to become an indispensable resource for these recent members of our community with unique and wide range of needs. Our services currently include but are not limited to the following:

Housing / Accommodation (e.g., proving temporary accommodation, assistance with rental property search or other accommodation needs to ensure a safe place to stay)


Food Support (e.g., providing food and or financial assistance for survival food & supplies)


Legal Assistance (e.g., legal counseling for various visa applications and or connecting with local law firms specialized in immigration related issues)


Educational Services (e.g., offering free ESL classes, orientation workshops, counseling for various educational/ professional development opportunities for self or family members, and assistance with children’s enrollment in appropriate schooling)


Job Search Assistance (e.g., assistance with creation/updating Resume/C.V. and drafting a cover letter, assistance with job search and planning, completing job applications, and conducting mock interviews)


Direct Support (e.g., providing financial support for survival needs, conducting periodic needs assessment surveys, arranging translators, assistance with acquiring phone service, public/private transportation, opening a bank account, shopping, etc.)


Health Insurance (e.g., providing information on low cost medical and dental care options, U.S. health care system, and assistance with such applications and arranging free or discounted medical & dental care services)


Social Support (e.g., arranging sister families, organizing social events, and providing counselling services to ensure social-emotional well-being and integration to the larger society)



To ensure quality and continuity of our services, we continually seek volunteers to become part of our department. Our success heavily depends on our volunteers and their commitment to our mission and vision. If you are interested in becoming a volunteer at HM or need more information, please contact us at or fill our volunteer application form.