Who We Are

Huddled Masses is established by the followers of “Hizmet Movement” which is a global civil society inspired by a Turkish Muslim cleric, Fethullah Gulen. Hizmet Movement values human rights, advocates liberty and democracy, inspires to love, peace and coexistence, fights against ignorance, poverty, discrimination and hatred by promoting education, dialog and entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

To provide sustenance, shelter, economic opportunity and human rights advocacy for immigrants and political asylees who are escaping from unjust government persecution

Our Vision

Huddled Masses envisions that victims of political and religious persecution by authoritarian governments, particularly Turkey who come to the United States are socially and economically integrated into the United States. Huddled Masses anticipates to reach the global society, which understands, respects, and supports others regardless of their gender, race, religion, and ideologies. It envisions a world where displaced people are able to have a second chance at life and breathe freely. Considering the atrocities in the oppressive countries particularly in Turkey, main aims of the Organization of Huddled Masses are to achieve the human rights and to help displaced people whose civil rights and freedoms were forcefully taken away thus had no choice but leave from their own countries and want to be a migrant in the United States of America.

Our Goals

> Raise awareness about the plight of the victims of authoritarian government persecution in Turkey and beyond
> Support network for immigrants and political asylees escaping from unjust persecution to the US
> Advocate for ending the persecution, advocate for due process and just proceedings

Our Values

> Liberty
> Dignity
> Justice
> Solidarity