STOP the Torture in Turkey!

On 15 July 2016, a faction within Turkey’s military attempted to overthrow the government. The coup failed and in the following days, weeks and months the Turkish government embarked on a crackdown of exceptional proportions, targeting people it accuses of being linked to Fethullah Gülen – a Turkish cleric in exile in the US, who […]

EU May 2019 Turkey’s Report

The state of emergency introduced on 15 July 2016 in the aftermath of the attempted coup ended on 18 July 2018, when its last extension expired, but was immediately followed by the adoption by the Turkish parliament of a law that retained many elements of the emergency rule for further three years.


Universal Rights Association (URA) operates to remove, repair and resolve injustice, inequity, illtreatment and oppression.
URA organizes activities in local and global scales to establish and maintain peace and universal unity.
URA builds its philosophy on the common denominator of being human, and targets
service to humanity as an ultimate goal.

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