Our goal is raising awareness about the plight of the victims of authoritarian government persecution in Turkey and beyond.

Human Rights Watch Reports

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07Nov 2018


To hold accountable the perpetrators of Human Rights in Turkey and beyond together with the opportunity for victims to obtain justice and reparation, in order to do so, it uses the power of the law to fight the impunity of perpetrators, accomplices and instigators of crimes, defends the interests of victims before national and international courts and brings cases before the appropriate international human rights bodies, in close collaboration with its local partners and the victims to get authorities to take firm action against violations.

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01Oct 2017

In Custody: Police Torture and Abductions in Turkey

Based on interviews with lawyers and relatives, and on a review of court transcripts, this report looks in detail at ten cases in which security forces tortured or ill-treated a total of 22 people, and an eleventh case in which police beat scores of villagers, 38 of whom lodged formal complaints of torture. The report also presents details of five individual cases of abduction that likely amount to enforced disappearance by state authorities since March 2017.

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13Jan 2017

Turkey, Events of 2016

On July 15, 2016, elements of the military attempted to carry out a coup d’état against President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan and the Justice and Development Party (AKP) government. In the aftermath, the government declared a state of emergency, jailed thousands of soldiers and embarked on a wholesale purge of public officials, police, teachers, judges, and prosecutors. Most of those jailed, dismissed, or suspended were accused of being followers of the US-based cleric Fethullah Gülen.


AST Reports

An Advocates of Silenced Turkey Special Report September, 2018 (Copy)

Turkey’s National Intelligence Organization (MIT) and its Moldovan counterpart acted together in snatching six Turkish nationals affiliated with Gulen Movement from Moldovan territory,


The crimes of torture and ill treatment have become systematic particularly since the military coup attempt of July 15, 2016

Erdogan’s Long Arms Abroad and Recommendations to Governments

Since the July 15, 2016 attempted coup, the Government of Turkey Turkish government has engaged in illegal extraterritorial and extrajudicial actions been taking strict measures…

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